KAISON International Trading GmbH has been established in Hamburg, Germany since October 1994. Our main business is the import of flavors and fragrances and fine chemical products from China.

The characteristic of our company is, the company is located in Germany, but our fixed and reliable product supply bases are in the mainland China. Twenty years of experience tells us that, to better serve our local customers, we must have our own stable and reliable source of supply channels.

In this regard, our company through a variety of forms, including joint ventures co-operation, by choosing some most honest and reliable product manufacturers to jointly establish a one-stop service chain of goods supply from ordering, production to export from China till the final delivery of the goods to the users’ hands. DSC00152

The most advantages items produced by our associate  producing    factories in China are mainly: Heliotropin (Piperonal), Helional,    Synthetic Anethole, Dihydro-anethole, Menthol Crystals,     Peppermint oil and Eucalyptus oil Globulus and Eucalyptol.


Further details can be found at the company sites  of our partners, who are represented by us and working together with us.

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